Coconut Water Health Benefits: The Blood of the Tree of Life

Coconut water health benefits range from enhancing libido, all the way to saving someone from certain death.

Having an electrolyte profile similar to human plasma, coconut juice is essentially the blood of the coconut palm tree (Cocos nucifera Linn).

Containing an intricate batch of vitamins and minerals, it’s a favorite beverage among Asians and Pacific islanders.

Better than Dextrose

The water of the humble coconut can be used as an intravenous (IV) solution to prevent dehydration. It’s so safe that it can be injected directly into your bloodstream without fear of introducing harmful microorganisms.

There are no bacteria, fungi or other pathogens in the water of an unopened coconut. Time and again, it has been used to keep patients alive in rural hospitals that have run out of dextrose. Not only are people kept alive, but they also recover faster.

Better than Gatorade

Diarrhea is a major problem here in the Philippines. Thank goodness coconut water is widely available for oral rehydration as it quickly replenishes electrolytes lost in perspiration.

Athletes swear that it works just as well as some well-known commercial energy drinks. Even better! The water from young, green coconuts tastes much better.

Better than Viagra

Young coconut juice has a positive effect on cholesterol and has long been known for its therapeutic effect on the urinary and reproductive systems.

Immature coconut juice sparks and energizes reproductive function, especially in males. No Viagra needed here! Though the water in mature coconuts can be used, it is not as effective. And remember, the water must be fresh.

I could go on and on but you get the point. Next to pure living water, no beverage is healthier than coconut water. No surprise at all from the blood of the Tree of Life.

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