Coconut Water

by Martha Prime
(Apple Valley, California)

Can I make coconut water by blending shredded organic coconut with distilled water? I purchased 2 pounds of shredded coconut to eat as I have a high burden of ascaris, worms. Can I use this shredded coconut with distilled water as a blended drink? Where can I purchase just coconut water in gallon form? It’s hard to buy and crack coconuts and extract the water. Please help. Thank you, Mr. Coconut. Martha.

Hi Martha,

Actually, coconut water is the immediate juice you get by cracking open a coconut. It’s what makes the swishing sound when you shake an unopened coconut. Blending shredded coconut with distilled water has nothing to do with coconut water. But shredded coconut alone can help a lot!

Coconut meat is very effective in getting rid of parasites, protozoa, etc. Dried coconut meat is more effective than fresh ones. And of course coconut oil!

Studies have already demonstrated coconut oil’s effectiveness against parasitic and protozoal infections. Take 1 tablespoon a day if you’re just starting and work your way up to 3-4 tablespoons. For more information, please visit coconut oil maintenance dosage.

I know it can be hard for some to obtain coconut water, especially if you live far north and south of the equator. You can explore the possibilities of buying coconut water from the link below.

Once extracted and exposed to oxygen and light, coconut water can stay fresh for only three days, refrigerated. I’m not sure how long commercial or packaged coconut water can last and its quality…

Hope this helps,