Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: Your Complete Guide

Coconut oil and weight loss is a perfect match made in “slim and trim” heaven. No other oil on the face of the earth can help you lose weight as easily and safely as coconut oil can. None!

Whether you’re struggling to lose a lot of weight or just looking for an easy way to drop off some extra pounds, coconut oil can help you, big time!

Below are a number of things you can do right now to immediately help you shed unwanted body fat efficiently.

Here’s the result of many years of studying the effects of coconut oil on weight loss, countless “thank you emails” I have received, and numerous testimonials I have seen with my very own eyes.

We’ll start with the easiest thing you can do (in my opinion), and take it from there.

Replace All Your Kitchen Oils with Coconut Oil

If there’s only one thing you’re going to implement, make it this one!

Just by doing this alone, you can lose up to almost 40 extra pounds per year. And all that without changing anything in your diet. Nada!

At McGill University in Canada, researchers St-Onge and Jones (Journal of Nutrition) analyzed the potential role of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in the treatment of human obesity. They concluded that…

“if you’re going to replace all your dietary oils that are made of Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT) with one that’s made mostly of MCTs such as coconut oil, you can lose up to 36 pounds of excess weight a year.”

Almost all fats and oils (soybean oil, beef fat, corn oil, etc.) are made entirely of LCTs, with only a very few containing considerable amounts of MCTS. Coconut oil is more than two-thirds MCTs and is, “by far,” the most abundant source of these relatively rare fat molecules.

In our home, we only use coconut oil for all our food preparation. And we’re all underweight, even though we eat tons of rice every day!

Take the Direct Route

Coconut oil weight loss benefits are unmatched by all other fats.

Ann (my wife) and I have no problems at all with the following coconut oil weight loss approach. We actually prefer it!

  1. Open a jar of your favorite coconut oil.
  2. Take a teaspoonful or spoonful.
  3. Put it in your mouth and swallow.

It doesn’t get more direct and simpler than this. For maximum results, do this 30 minutes before mealtime.

What this does is, it lessens your desire to eat more than you should because coconut oil can satisfy your hunger “faster and longer” than any other dietary oil. Researchers Stubbs and Harbron (International Journal of Obesity) demonstrated this fact when they compared the satiating effect of MCTs as against LCTs.

In their study, they allowed all the participants to eat all they wanted. After 42 days, they found that the more MCTs the food contained, the less they ate. And the less they ate, the less calories they consumed.

“MCT-rich coconut oil satisfies your hunger quicker than probably any other food. Plus, it enables you to go longer without snacking in between meals.”

Spread it Out

Do you have a problem taking oil by the spoonful (my sister does)? Don’t worry. There are other ways to get the healthiest oil on earth inside your body to help you lose weight.

Add a teaspoonful to your coffee, tea, or whatever it is that you take in the morning that’s hot. Like any other oil, coconut oil mixes easily when your beverage is at least warm. For lunch and/or dinner, you can mix a tiny amount with your food. A hot bowl of soup should be perfect. You can add a whole spoonful and you won’t even notice it’s there.

If you’re maintenance dosage is say, 3-4 tablespoons daily, don’t consume them all at the same time. Spread out your intake and your fat-burning efforts are enhanced.

Researcher Dulloo and associates (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) investigated whether MCTs can increase daily energy expenditure in humans. Their conclusion was…

“just a single meal containing MCTs can accelerate your metabolism for up to 24 hours.”

By spacing out your coconut oil consumption, your metabolic rate will always remain elevated. In a nutshell, when you use coconut oil for weight loss, you’ll burn more calories at a faster rate and you’ll have more energy to do the things that matter most.

The Coconut Oil Weight Loss Secret

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “eat fat to lose fat.” But is it really possible to lose excess fat by eating fat? With coconut oil, yes, it’s possible!

Only coconut oil is 67 percent MCTs, the Pro-Energy fat molecules. Unlike 100 percent LCT-oils such as soybean oil, coconut oil is used by your body primarily to produce energy, not store body fat.


  • If you’re currently using other oils (corn, sunflower, canola, etc.), shift to coconut oil.
  • If you can’t ingest oil straight from the spoon, you can always add it to your warm or hot beverages, soup, etc.
  • And bear in mind to spread them out (You don’t have to swallow 4 tablespoons in one gulp).

Remember these 3 words, MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDE or simply MCT. It is virtually rare and the secret to the coconut oil weight loss link!


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