Coconut Oil Anti Aging Properties Turn Back the Hands of Time

Coconut oil anti aging properties can slow down your biological clock, even turn back the hands of time.

The King of Oils has a favorable impact on every area that makes you look and feel young or old. It addresses free-radical destruction, believed as one of the leading causes, if not the leading cause, of premature aging.

First of all, what makes you say a person is “not aging” or “aging gracefully?” Is it because of her smooth and supple skin? Or maybe her thick and shiny hair? How about her slim and trim figure? Is it having an energetic lifestyle?

These questions are also observable factors that, when answered, will tell whether your biological age is younger or older than your functional age. And yes, these factors are the exact same areas where coconut oil has a most-favorable anti-aging impact.

Let us now briefly assess the following coconut oil anti aging connections.

Younger-looking Skin

Coconut oil’s fatty acids are smaller than that of other fats/oils. Because of this, it can easily penetrate your skin and feed each and every skin cell it reaches. This strengthens connective tissues making your skin more flexible and wrinkle-free.

Unlike most cosmetic products, coconut oil safely removes dead skin cells. The operative word is safe. It’s also a safe make-up and mascara remover. It moisturizes and forms a chemical barrier on your skin to ward off infections.

Younger-looking Hair

Coconut oil anti aging properties can slow down your biological clock.

Coconut oil has been proven to reduce hair protein loss. Again, its small structure and compatibility with hair proteins enable the oil to enter the hair shaft and nourish it.

It has the ability to regenerate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. I personally can attest to this. And coconut oil can condition your hair just as well as a costly salon treatment.

Younger-looking Body

Because it has fewer calories per gram than any other fat, coconut oil is called the only low-calorie fat from nature. But it’s not the main reason for the oil’s enviable weight management reputation.

Coconut oil can satisfy your hunger faster and keep you satisfied longer so you won’t have to eat as often. It also revs up your metabolism so that calories are more easily burned rather than converted into body fat.

Youthful Energy

Instead of circulating your entire body like what other fats and oils do, coconut oil goes straight to your liver to be quickly converted into energy. It rarely gets stored as body fat because coconut oil is Pro-Energy, not Pro-Fat.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, adding coconut oil into your diet will significantly increase your energy level and improve the quality of your life. And unlike caffeine, the energy boost you get from coconut oil can last for many hours and without developing an addiction to it.

Control Free-Radicals

Some researchers are convinced that free-radical destruction is the leading cause of aging. If so, then you really have to use coconut oil instead to slow down the aging process.

Polyunsaturated fats such as soybean oil and corn oil are structurally weak and extremely vulnerable to free-radical attack. On the other hand, saturated fats of which coconut oil is the star, are highly stable even in high heat. This is probably the most important coconut oil anti aging property of all.

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