Coconut Oil Recipes: Delicious and Certainly Nutritious

Coconut oil recipes are delicious and essential for optimal health. Most moderately-flavored foods will totally mask the coconut. For some foods, coconut oil enhances the flavor.

In a generation where foods are usually cooked, even overcooked, knowing your healthy fats could mean the difference between health and sickness.

Make no mistake! Some fats are stable and ideal for cooking while others literally “can’t take the heat.”

If you don’t like the taste of coconuts (it’s just individual preference), it really doesn’t matter. Most foods with a moderate flavor will completely mask the coconut. Besides, you can always opt for refined coconut oil.

Scentless and Tasteless Cooking Oil

Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) or coconut cooking oil is basically odorless and flavorless.

It’s the preferred cooking oil by many who wouldn’t want to miss out on the numerous coconut oil benefits. Make no mistake though…

Even at its reasonably adulterated state, coconut oil is still far healthier than most all of the alternative. Please visit healthiest cooking oil to know why you should only cook with coconut oil.

For Coconut Lovers

Coconut Oil Recipes

Now if you love coconuts like I do, you’ll even want to include other coconut products in the mix.

Coconut cream and coconut milk have a thick, creamy texture perfect for smoothies, cream soups, sauces, etc. And yes, both contains a good percentage of “The Greatest Oil on Earth.”

You may encounter a very sweet type of coco cream called cream of coconut which is used in making sweet desserts and beverages.

Not all coconut oils are the same so I suggest you try a few at first to determine a good, long-term choice. If you like the food, you most certainly will eat it, right? Luckily, the shelf life of coconut oil is one of the longest of all oils. The same goes for the countless other coconut products waiting for a chance to satisfy your taste buds and give you a health-boost.


What is the REAL Shelf Life of Coconut Oil?

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