Coconut Oil and Thyroid Function: Like High Octane Fuel for Your Car’s Engine

The coconut oil and thyroid function fusion enables you to naturally stimulate your metabolism.

Coconut oil encourages the thyroid gland to properly produce hormones that regulate your optimum metabolic rate.

A healthy thyroid behavior can help you lead an active lifestyle. As a wonderful result for one, your efforts in losing and keeping your ideal body weight is greatly enhanced.

Unique Fat Molecules

Unlike almost all other dietary oils like soybean, corn and safflower oils that contain primarily long-chain fatty acids (LCFA), CNO consists mainly of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). Although both are fat molecules, MCFAs behave so differently from LCFAs.

Instead of circulating the bloodstream like LCFAs do, MCFAs go straight to your liver through a portal vein. Your liver then immediately converts these MCFAs into energy to help you keep going in your day to day activities.

LCFAs on the other hand have to travel great distances in your body. Consequently, they can’t help but contribute significantly to the ever growing problem of obesity. You see, as long as you’re eating enough to fuel your body’s daily operations, the fat in your food will continue building up as excess body fat.

Beware of Polyunsaturates

You’ll do very well to take good care of your thyroid. Because it’s a unique saturatedfat, thanks to its MCFAs, coconut oil benefits thyroid function immensely which can’t be said of polyunsaturated oils in particular.

A well-known specialist in the study of hormones, Dr. Ray Peat knows first-hand of the ill-effects of consuming the wrong kinds of fats on your thyroid. Dr. Peat’s findings indicate that polyunsaturated oils block thyroid hormone secretion, its movement in the circulation, and the response of tissues to the hormones.

Live the Life

Coconut oil and thyroid function is like high octane fuel and an internal combustion engine, respectively. Your thyroid will run more efficiently if given a metabolism-stimulating food such as CNO.

World class athletes use MCFAs found abundantly in coconut oil to push their performance limits. The rapid energy liberation produced by these fatty acids assist them in achieving greater heights, distance and/or strength.

The energy-boosting blessings of coconut oil is extraordinary. You have nothing to loose so give it a fair try. You’ll thank me later when you have plenty more energy to do the things that matter most and lots more left for things you haven’t even tried before in your life.

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