Same As Coconut Oil?

by Ricky
(Toronto, Canada)

Hello. I just want to know if the health benefits of coconut water is, more or less, similar to coconut oil. Thank you!

Hi Ricky,

I wouldn’t say they are “more or less” similar. Unlike coconut water, coconut oil is made of fat molecules, most of which are medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) capable of killing even the deadliest pathogens like the seemingly invincible AIDS virus (HIV).

Coconut water or juice may not have the elite antimicrobial potency of coconut oil, but its electrolyte profile is somewhat similar to human plasma. Coco juice can be injected directly into your bloodstream as an intravenous solution (IV) to prevent dehydration. What a life-saver!

I would say coconut water and coconut oil complement each other and that both are the best of their kind. Hope this helps.

All the best,