by Anonymous

I’ve started taking coconut oil but it makes me feel nauseous. Is this common and should I stop taking it?


Feeling nauseous after taking coconut oil for the first time is nothing extraordinary, so I’m not suggesting that you stop taking it.

Coconut oil is a potent anti-yeast/anti-fungal, thanks to its plentiful Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). When troublemaking yeast and fungi like Candida die off, they release toxins that can make people feel sick for a period of time, especially in the beginning.

The nausea you are experiencing could be the result of toxic waste products that have polluted your body. But this should be temporary. As the toxic load subsides, the nausea should eventually disappear. Many people are suffering from systemic yeast/fungal infections and they don’t even know it.

Hope this helps,