Cracked Heals

by Sharon
(Muskoka, Ontario)

I have very badly cracked and sore heels. Will coconut oil help relieve this problem?

Hi Sharon,

Coconut oil for badly cracked and sore heals? Absolutely!

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) lavishly found in coconut oil will permeate your heals to feed and bring the cells in that part of your body back to life.

Keep applying coconut oil on your heels several times per day to speed up results. Make sure you massage the oil deep into your skin for maximum effect.

The small molecular structure of MCFAs allow coconut oil to easily penetrate your skin to bring back moisture and accelerate healing.

If you begin early in the morning, you should see encouraging results by afternoon. Don’t forget to do it again right before going to sleep. When you wake up, you could be in for a very pleasant surprise!

Oh, I almost forgot… This is important.

Warm oil works best! It has to be very warm, not just lukewarm. Warm oil will penetrate deeper and absorb more efficiently.

Don’t stop massaging your heals with coconut oil. Keep doing it as often as you can and your heels have no choice but to heal as quick as possible.

All the best,