How to Use Coconut Oil?

by Anonymous

Do I mix another oil like olive oil with coconut oil for frying? If so, how much?


Whatever you do, don’t cook with olive oil, especially “frying.” Olive oil should only be used “cold.” It is 86 percent unsaturated (77 percent monounsaturated, 9 percent polyunsaturated). Compared to saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids are prone to oxidation. Simply put, they go rancid easily.

At 92 percent saturated, coconut oil is the most saturated dietary fat known to man. Ask any nutritionist (not doctors, because some doctors are ignorant when it comes to nutrition) and they’ll tell you that saturated fats make the best cooking oils.

You don’t have to add any other oil to coconut oil for frying or any other form of cooking. Thanks to Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), coconut oil is the most stable dietary oil you can use.

Please click on the following link for more information on how to use coconut oil.

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