How to Use Coconut Oil and Benefit from The Greatest Oil on Earth

How to use coconut oil and receive the health benefits of The Healthiest Oil on the Planet? The quick answer would be to use it either internally or externally, preferably both.

For systemic health problems such as fighting illness caused by bacteria and viruses, use coconut oil internally for best results. The external approach, on the other hand, is ideal for benefiting your skin and hair.

Apply on Skin

For some, the simplest way to use coconut oil is to apply it on their skin. Simply massage the oil deep into your skin. After making it smooth and supple, the coconut oil will completely penetrate your skin and eventually end up in your bloodstream for yet another round of health-promoting activities.

Straight from the Spoon

You can swallow the oil straight by the spoonful if you like. Many, including myself, don’t have a problem with this. But if you have trouble taking oil this way, I suggest you swallow it in liquid form, it’s easier.

To liquefy coconut oil that has solidified, place the jar in a container with hot water. It melts rather quickly. Some just hold the bottle under running hot water and it works, too. But in the interest of water conservation, I recommend putting the bottle or jar in hot water and wait a few minutes.

Start Small

When taken a bit too much, all dietary oils can cause loose stools in the beginning. Here’s how to use coconut oil If you’re new to it.

Begin with one teaspoon in the morning and observe your body’s reaction for three days. No loose stools? Make it one tablespoon and observe for another three days. Keep adding until you reach the average-adult maintenance dosage of three tablespoons per day.

Spread it Out

How to use coconut oil and receive the blessings from The King Oils.

If by the spoonful is your thing, make sure you take your coconut oil throughout the day. “You don’t have to consume them all at the same time.”

If your maintenance dosage is three tablespoons daily, take one with breakfast, another with lunch and the last with dinner.

Best Cooking Oil

Use coconut oil instead for all your cooking and food preparation. Doing this alone, according to researchers, can make you lose up to 36 pounds of excess fat each year.

Because it’s the most stable natural oil in existence, it can withstand normal cooking temperatures very well. Coconut cooking oil is so stable, it can remain fresh a few years even without refrigeration. It can be heated and reheated without creating health-damaging free radicals.

Since it has a high melting point, coconut oil hardens when poured onto a cold salad. For this reason, it doesn’t make a good salad dressing. But this problem can be easily solved by mixing in another oil such as olive oil. A half and half mixture ensures the oil remains liquid on the salad.

A Little Goes a Long Way…

These are some ideas on how to use coconut oil. Note that even just half a teaspoon taken every day is already beneficial. I know some who are experiencing good results with only a single teaspoon of coconut oil daily.

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