How Much Oil Should I Take?

by Mary
(Iowa, USA)

I have lymphoma, Banti’s disease (enlarged spleen), rheumatoid arthritis, and liver and gallbladder issues. What would be the amount of VCO I should use?

I should also say I am 59 years old and in menopause. I bought the oil and am not sure how to go about using it for my health issues. I also am doing biofeedback but really would like to work on my health nutritionally.

Hi Mary,

I suggest you start right away with the coconut oil maintenance dosage. Unless of course you have problems taking 3 tablespoons, more or less, of any oil daily.

By boosting your immune system, Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) most abundantly present in coconut oil can help you find significant relief from all of the health conditions you are suffering from. No other oil can and will boost your immune system more than coconut oil can. None!

Please visit the following pages. You’ll find a lot more information on how to use coconut oil for optimal health, the maintenance and therapeutic dosages, etc.

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Hope this helps,