Yeast Infection BE GONE

by Teeki

I had just come off a course of antibiotics (for an eye infection), and within a week and a half, I started to notice that I was developing yet another yeast infection. At first I ignored it because I have been so tired of dealing with yeast infections over the years (since I was a teenager), until it became painfully evident during intercourse with my husband.

I realized that the yeast was back in all its glory and had to be dealt with. However, I was quite fed up with the OTC pharmaceuticals so I decided to give good old Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) a shot.

I can’t say if it was mind over matter, but from the time I administered it by lying on my back with hips elevated, it immediately soothed the itching. I am a stay at home mom so every day I would (use a dropper) drop 3-5 ml in my vagina 3 times a day and lie down for half an hour. I would always where a sanitary napkin, though.

In 4 days the yeast was gone, yes GONE! I was in disbelief. I was ecstatic and really felt good to know that something that I have growing in my own backyard that I take for granted (I live on the Caribbean island of Trinidad) and that is God’s creation, not some chemical concoction, could have worked so well. Needless to say I am a believer. VCO is my cure all.