Working While Cleansing

by Anonymous

Is it possible to do this cleanse, or modify it in some way, without having to take time off work? I’m worried about the frequency of bathroom trips since sometimes I’m not able to just get up and go whenever I feel the need.

Will I be hungry on this cleanse? I’m allergic to citrus – no lemonade, and I can’t eat the oil directly in solid or liquid form, so the only way I’ve found to take it is to heat up some unsweetened almond milk and allow the coconut oil to melt into it. Would these be ok to continue on the cleanse?


It could be not as potent, but yes, it’s possible to modify this cleanse to suit your situation. Just remember that the whole idea for the coconut oil detoxification is to allow the powerful cleansing properties of coconut oil to do its magic.

It would be ideal to make sure that the almond milk you’re going to use is as organic as possible. Use moderate heat only, not too hot. Otherwise, depending on the degree of adulteration, it could significantly lessen the cleansing effect of the coconut oil.

When I did the 3-day coconut oil detox for the first time, I got hungry only on the first day, and the remaining 2 days went relatively easier. Staying away from the kitchen and dining room helps a lot.

It’s okay if you can’t take lemonade. The main detoxifying agent you are counting on here is the unique Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) most generously present in coconut oil.

Hope this helps,