Why Did My Husband Get Nasty Looking Sores on His Face Using Virgin Coconut Oil?

by Anonymous

Why did the virgin coconut oil cause nasty sores on my husband’s face?


Maybe your husband is allergic to it? While it’s possible to develop an allergy from coconuts, a true allergic reaction to coconut oil is pretty rare.

Could it be that he took something else aside from the coconut oil? At any rate, keep in mind that people can be hypersensitive to any type of food, even lettuce. Fortunately, there is a simple way to check if your husband is allergic to coconut oil.

Put a little coconut oil on his forearm and rub it into his skin. If his skin becomes red or swollen, he may be allergic. If nothing happens, he probably isn’t. One application is all takes to see if he’s allergic or not to coconut oil.

Also, make sure that the coconut oil is not rancid or spoiled. It should smell and taste like fresh coconuts, and the color should be water white.

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