Which Coconut Oil to Use?

by Anonymous

I just started this “coco oil” thing, and being on this a week, I really can “feel” the difference. No b/s either.

I am more energized and since I have absolutely no will power to stop eating sweets, especially at night, this oil is doing the trick. Yes, the mind is a powerful thing, but I know and feel it is the coco oil.

I bought organic but refined oil, no smell of coconut, and started with one teaspoon. Last night I bought the Virgin Organic coco oil and yes, there is a smell, and yes, it does taste good.

I have regular bowel movements. I can exercise in the morning and have slept good without the sugar cravings that would keep me up at night.

My only question is the temperature of water, tea or liquid that follows the oil. And what if I just want to take the oil by itself? Is that OK?

I really like what is going on with my body. Hopefully my arthritis won’t hang around too much longer. Let me know please!


I take it that you want to know if coconut oil can retain its health properties when exposed to high heat. If this is the case, the answer is yes.

Coconut oil can tolerate high heat even during processing. So as long as you yourself can tolerate the heat of the water, tea or liquid you’re ingesting, you can rest assured that the coconut oil is as good as it gets.

Want to take the oil by itself? Yes, you can do that. Absolutely! In fact, it’s a great way to consume coconut oil. It’s actually my preferred way of benefiting from the world’s healthiest oil. Simple and easy.

For maximum health benefits, use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

Hope this helps,