Which Brand of VCO is Best?

Hi. I chanced upon the benefits of VCO while searching for organic products. I am interested to buy one to try but would appreciate your advice on which brand would be best (cold processed, Absolutely No Heat (ANH), glass- bottled, high lauric acid, etc.) What is the highest available? Thank you.


Here in the Philippines, there are countless good-quality brands to choose from. We can even find one at the nearest gasoline station.

A good way to find a good brand of VCO is to visit the nearest health food store. A reputable health store should carry a decent-quality line of VCO products. But if you really want to be certain, you can get it online. Often times, the sales people at the brick and mortar store can’t accurately answer your coconut oil questions.

The advantage of buying online, such as the one I’m recommending, is that I have already researched the product, the company that manufactures it, etc. Please visit the following link for one of the best VCO brands you can find on the internet.

The VCO I recommend online

The VCO I recommend is manufactured here in the Philippines, cold-pressed, has high lauric acid content, etc. It is comparable to the ones you can find here in my country. Hope this helps.

All the best,