What to Expect from Coconut Oil

by Julian
(Williams Bay, WI, USA)

Coconut oil is awesome! You feel great every time you eat some.

For me, coconut oil has cured pains I was having in my intestines. It also makes your skin look so amazing, like seriously good (if you are consistent with it). When I stopped, that shine on your skin and eyes goes away.

I recommend eating coconut oil raw like a supplement, which I know is hard for some people. However, if you refrigerate it and just munch on cold chunks it is much easier. When you first get coconut oil, it usually has a strong coconut-like smell (duh), but sometimes it hasn’t. I find the stronger the smell, the better and fresher the product.

As far as energy goes, it isn’t plainly obvious. When I run though I can tell, whoa, I have way more endurance.

Be wise and start off slow with maybe two tablespoons of coconut oil for a couple of weeks and then work your way up to five or six a day to experience the best results. This stuff is awesome!