What are the Steps to Put On VCO?

by Jessica
(California, U.S.A.)

Hello. I am just wondering what are the steps to put the Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) on? Do I wash my hair first then put the coconut oil and leave on overnight? Or should I put the coconut oil on unwashed hair and leave it on overnight then in the morning wash it with a shampoo?

Where can I get VCO from and what kind of shampoo do you recommend to use with this procedure? Please respond. I have very damaged hair.

Hi Jessica,

Either way will do just fine! You can apply coconut oil on your hair and scalp with or without washing your hair first and then leave it on overnight. But, I believe, it’s best to wash your hair first.

Use the mildest, gentlest shampoo you can find. Organic, all-natural shampoos cost more, but the investment actually makes it much cheaper in the long run. Many commercial shampoos are cheap but contain hidden and harmful chemicals that accumulate in your body and will cause health problems in the future.

A decent health food store should carry a decent line of VCO products. If you prefer to get your coconut oil online, please click on the following link.

One of the best Virgin Coconut Oils

All the best,