Weight Loss: Water-only Fast VS Coconut Oil & Water Fast?

Hello, Will I lose more weight on a water-only fast or on a coconut oil and water fast? Thank you.


I think you will lose more weight with a water-only fast. That’s because coconut oil has calories that serve as fuel.

With nothing but water entering your system, your body is forced to burn your fat reserves for fuel to function. So if all you’re interested in is losing weight, a water-only fast will bring you faster results. Not necessarily better, but faster.

Coconut oil has more health-boosting effects than just plain water. It accelerates your metabolism, stimulates your thyroid function, and provides you the energy to function normally throughout the day. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, worms, parasites, etc. while at it, too.

I believe coconut oil is a more powerful detoxifier. A safe and potent detoxification agent.

All the best,