VCO Smell

by Ibrahim

How is the actual smell of VCO? If the smell is strong, what does it indicate? What best to put VCO in, plastic or glass bottles, and why?

Hi Ibrahim,

The smell of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is kind of unique so I don’t know which other fruit I could compare it for you. If you absolutely have no idea how VCO should smell, I suggest you buy or get yourself a mature coconut. You can ask the vendor to crack the coconut open for you so you can smell the innermost part of the fruit and acquire a good idea of how it should smell.

If the scent is strong, chances are, the VCO is of good quality. I personally prefer that strong fresh coconut aroma and flavor. But not too strong… A very strong scent could be and indication that there are impurities in the oil.

The best container to put VCO in is a glass bottle. Plastic containers contain chemicals that have a tendency to leak and contaminate the oil or whatever is in it. Glass containers don’t leak so they are much safer.

Hope this helps,