Type-1 Diabetic with MRSA Staph

by TJ

I am a diabetic who battles high blood sugar and I also have MRSA with frequent outbreaks that require lancing. I have complications from diabetes such as neuropathy, chronic fatigue and unable to loose weight.

I did research that coconut oil would help me in many ways. I use it on my dry feet, my hair, my skin, and I take the supplements. I did notice my feet, hair and skin all looked and felt so much better.

I replaced all my products with just coconut oil and coconut oil soap, and believe me, I love fufu so that alone says tons about it.

I also began to notice that I wasn’t bloated all the time and I was having regular bowel movements, which I’ve never had. It did not help with my pain at all but it did seem to help with my low energy level.

Overall, this has been a miracle product and I lost 17 pounds in the first 2 months of making the change. I believe this is an answer to many issues we all face and it’s natural. Try it! Your body will thank you for it. And one last thing.

If you have a bruise or cut and rub some coconut oil on it, it heals in a fraction of the time.