Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions coconut oil is one of the first coconut oil brands, online. In fact, Tropical Traditions was the first company to export Philippine-made Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) to the United States.

When Brian Shilhavy and his wife Marianita moved to Mt. Banahaw in 1998, a rural farming community in the Philippines, Brian was intrigued about how healthy and active the older people were. Especially so, since the only oil in their diet was coconut oil.

Brian was aware of how coconut oil was being demonized in western society, particularly the United States. So he investigated the whole issue of fats and oils and found out that coconut oil was, after all, a victim of politics and greed.

Seeing its potential, they decided to market coconut oil online, and other native herbs and fruits in 2001. And the rest, as they say, is history. Coconut oil quickly became their flagship product. From one type initially, there are now four types of coconut oil bearing the Tropical Traditions name.

Of the four types, two are virgin coconut oils (Green Label and Gold Label), and two are refined coconut oils (Non-Certified Expeller-Pressed and Organic Expeller-Pressed). Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil has the highest quality of all.

The expeller-pressed varieties may lack some nutrients present in the virgin varieties, but that doesn’t mean they are not healthful.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), the rare nutrients the make coconut oil the healthiest in the world, are heat-resistant and very stable. For this reason, refined coconut oil, essentially, has the same amounts of MCFAs found in virgin coconut oil and is considered a healthy oil.

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