Treat Baldness with Coconut Oil, The Classic Hair-Care Oil of Choice

Treat baldness by massaging coconut oil on your hair and scalp regularly. Experience vintage coconut oil at its best.

Long before science discovered it to be a mighty antimicrobial, coconut oil was already busy giving tropical communities healthy, beautifully thick hair.

Until recently, we Filipinos and other races depended on coconut oil for most of our hair care needs. A great number of my countrymen in the provinces still use it, “exclusively,” for their crowning glory.

A lot of people battling baldness report that coconut oil appears to be counteracting hair loss and promoting hair growth. After regular use for about 2-3 months, these people have noticed that they are no longer losing their hair. Receding hairlines are filling in.

I’m One Living Proof of Many

After a month or so of using coconut oil, my hair fall was dramatically reduced.

I remember counting hair strands every time I shampoo. I usually counted around 15 strands on my hands per shampooing and was beginning to see more and more of my scalp up top. Yayks!

Today, I’d be surprised to count more than 5 strands of hair during shampoo time. Increasingly, no hair fall at all! And I haven’t even began using coconut milk, an excellent complement to the greatest oil on earth.

Coconut Milk

Because it contains a good amount of the oil “plus” protein, coconut milk can quickly promote hair growth. I’ve seen it in action time and again and the results are inspiring.

Unlike other hair oils, coconut oil’s plentiful Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) or Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) enable it to penetrate inside the hair shaft, protecting it from protein loss. Apparently, the protein component of coconut milk is what gives that extra hair-growth-kick.

I haven’t used coconut milk yet to treat baldness. That’s because, quite frankly, I’m already happy with my coconut oil results.

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