Temporalmandible Joint Disease

by Anonymous

Does coconut oil cure TMJ (Temporal Mandible Joint) disease and how?


I did some reading on TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder to see how coconut oil might be able to help with it.

From my research, most of the known causes of TMJ appear to be “structural” in nature. Dislocated TMJ, clenching and grinding, misaligned bite, etc., seem to be the major culprits. In this regard, physical therapy, jaw exercises, correcting bad habits, mouth guards, etc., may be your better options.

But I also encountered “non-structural” factors such as cartilage wear and tear (arthritis, etc.) that may play a crucial role in the development of TMJ. And here is where coconut oil will be able to help.

Because it can feed cells quickly, coconut oil can significantly accelerate the healing process in your joints. Keep rubbing it on affected areas regularly and take the coconut oil maintenance dosage to protect against inflammation, for faster recovery from cartilage wear and tear, etc.

I will research further so I can come up with more practical applications of coconut oil that will aid in the treatment of this painful joint disorder.

All the best,