Sideline Use for Bathtubs!

by Amy

This is so funny, in a way. Our bathtub is some kind of acrylic material. It was stained somewhat when we bought the house years ago, and it’s been extremely difficult to clean. I’ve scrubbed hard with oxygen-type cleansers, laundry detergent, bleach, special tub cleaner, Ajax, Comet… You name it, I’ve tried it.

Since discovering this website, I’ve been using coconut oil for everything for months now. I’ve used it in my cooking, as a butter-like spread, in my morning coffee, hair conditioner, skin conditioner, pain rub, etc. I use it every day in my bathtub after I wash, slathering it all over and washing my face with it. I love it.

Apparently, my bathtub also loves it. Because ever since I scrubbed out the stains and used coconut oil, my tub remains almost completely stain-free. The coconut oil apparently blocks soap scum and body oils from sticking to the acrylic material. My tub is much easier to clean now, and it doesn’t have ugly stains which I have to scrub until my arm hurts.

The one good thing about this tub is that it has an excellent non-slip floor. Please be extra-careful when getting out of your tub or shower if you’re using coconut oil so that you don’t risk slipping and falling!

Hi Amy,

I don’t have a bathtub (never had one), nevertheless, thanks a lot for this useful information.

Yes, for those who love using the tub, coconut oil can make your tub-cleaning days that much easier. But do be careful so you don’t slip and injure yourself.

All the best,