Please Help Me with Some Answers Regarding Coconut Oil on the Face

I began using virgin coconut oil one week ago taking it internally and applying it to my face. My face is now so dry and flaky I am not sure what is going on. I have read of many other people that rave about the wonderful effects on their skin. Should I stop using it or is this just a temporary side effect? Can anyone tell me what is happening to my skin?


I believe this is just temporary. You could be currently undergoing a healing crisis.

When I first used coconut oil on my face, I developed an acne problem. Pimples covered my face and they were even bigger than usual. Even my arms and legs developed some acne which never happened before. I said to myself, what’s going on? I thought coconut oil is supposed to make my face smoother, softer, etc? I got scared but I stuck with the plan.

After two weeks, the pimples stopped developing. Two weeks more or so, my face was completely free from acne. Nowadays, I very seldom get acne on my face and anywhere else. Thanks to coconut oil, my face is now pimple-free, blemish-free, smooth, soft, etc.

The dryness and flakiness of your face right now could mean that coconut oil is doing its job. Certain healing foods can exert a powerful influence on our bodies by accelerating the detoxification and regeneration processes.

Coconut oil is a fantastic exfoliant! My face used to be dry and flaky but just one use made it a thing of the past. It could be that coconut oil is actually pulling out and removing toxins and dead tissues, many of which could have been buried for years. Any food that stimulates our body’s recuperative powers has the potential to cause a healing crisis.

I suggest you stick with the plan. Use virgin coconut oil (VCO) on your face. Don’t worry, it’s not a drug, so it’s safe. It’s so safe that the FDA includes coconut oil on its Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) list.

Give coconut oil a fair shot, at least a couple of months. Avoid cosmetics as chances are, they contain hidden and harmful chemicals that weaken your immune system. Is it winter now where you live? The intense cold could certainly aggravate the dryness…

Avoid stressing yourself out and eating processed foods. As great as it is, coconut oil can’t do it all by itself. But all things equal, coconut oil, overall, is unmatched in the dietary oil kingdom. I hope this helps and look forward to your update…

All the best,