Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Exaggeration or Representation?

Organic extra virgin coconut oil is mostly a genuine designation. Except for extra, every word in the term conveys an important point.

Why single out extra as the bogus modifier here? Because there are no strict and clear guidelines, yet, for what qualifies as virgin coconut oil, let alone extra virgin.

Why there are still no guidelines makes me want to pull my hair in all directions. There should have been official and detailed parameters in place years ago. Coconut oil producing countries should really convene, if only for this.

There’s no question that your oil should be organic as much as possible. Chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides can certainly alter the composition of coconuts, from color to the very molecules that give you nourishment.

So it turns out that organic virgin coconut oil is a more accurate representation. It’s only five letters shorter but a lot more truthful.

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