Organic Coconut Butter: Solid or Liquid Same Great Benefits

Organic coconut butter is organic coconut oil in solid form. The oil of the coconut turns liquid to solid and vice versa depending on the surrounding temperature.

You can purchase a container of liquid transparent coconut oil from the store, take it home, and wake up to a hard, white solid.

76 Degree Melting-Point

Melting-point is the point or temperature wherein a fat or oil begins to melt and changes from a solid to a liquid. Saturated fats tend to have higher melting points than unsaturated fats.

At 92 percent saturated (the most of all fats and oils), coconut oil has a high “melting point.” From a clear liquid, it changes into a dense, snowy solid at temperatures below 24 degrees Celsius (76 degrees Fahrenheit). Hence, the term 76 degree coconut oil. This transformation is perfectly normal.

During summer time, you can take out a solid cube of butter out of the refrigerator and watch it slowly melt, as they say, like butter. The same thing happens with coconut oil and is the main reason why it is sometimes referred to as coconut butter.

Here in tropical Philippines where conditions are usually hot and humid, coconut oil generally stays liquid. If you live in a cool climate, all you have to do to liquefy hardened coconut oil is dip the container in hot water for a couple of minutes or so. It melts rather quickly.

Unchanging Health Benefits

But why melt coconut oil if you can scoop it out with a spoon or a knife, ideal for use with bread, etc. It’s probably less messy. Well, it’s your choice, but one thing is for sure.

Organic coconut butter is loaded with Medium Chain Fatty Acids or MCFAs, a virtually rare type of fatty acids possessing unparalleled health-boosting properties.

Organic coconut butter is the solid form of organic coconut oil.

MCFAs are unique saturated fats that can terminate a long list of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other illness-causing microorganisms.

Even the much-feared and highly-defiant AIDS and SARS viruses succumb to the forceful antimicrobial punch of MCFAs. So deadly to germs, yet so gentle to humans. A rare combination!

Your Choice

Liquid or solid? It’s all up to you… I prefer mine in liquid form, so does my wife. But not my sister, she likes it on the harder side as a substitute for dairy butter. How about you?

Healthwise, it doesn’t really matter what form you opt for…

Different states of matter, Same supreme health benefits!  That’s what organic coconut butter is all about.

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