by Mary Lynn

Wondering if anyone here had tried oil pulling with any noted benefits? Are you using VCO? And has anyone mixed VCO in hot water to drink?

Hi Mary Lynn,

Yes, I have! Actually, coconut oil pulling is a daily part of my life. I pull/swish virgin coconut oil (VCO) inside my mouth for 15-20 minutes right before eating breakfast (I really should include lunch and dinner…).

Oil pulling with coconut oil allows me to expel mucous on a consistent basis. Mucous drainage is one of our body’s means of expelling toxins. It’s so effective that I sometimes have to get rid of the oil and unload the mucous from my throat before reaching a full 20 minutes.

It also took care of my migraine headaches. Gargling with coconut oil made my headache problems disappear. I’m not sure yet how exactly coconut oil pulling does it, but it works!

My bleeding gums are now non-existent and my breath has definitely boosted my self-confidence.

I absolutely see no reason why you can’t mix VCO in hot water. My sisters mix VCO in their hot coffee and tea all the time. It’s a popular method for those who can’t take the oil directly or by the spoonful.

Hope this helps,