Not After TCA Medium Peel

by Anonymous

I used coconut oil only after my 25% TCA peel and it caused the dead skin to dry, crack and peel prematurely. It acted as an oil barrier but did not soften or humidify the skin as it was preparing to peel.

The dead skin was dry and hard even when covered and dripping with oil. It also caused whitehead pimples on my chin and forehead.

After the premature peel, my whole face got hard and crusty again. At this time, I used Aquaphor and the results were far better and instantly more comfortable. Next time I do a peel, I will start with Aquaphor until it peels naturally, and then I will apply coconut oil to the new healed skin.


I did some reading on TCA peel. It’s a type of chemical peel with “trichloroacetic acid” as its main component. It is a medium-grade peel, which means it penetrates the entire epidermis layer (the first layer of the skin) and reaches the dermis.

Professionals advise users to approach the TCA peel with care to prevent injuries. You’ll never know what will happen when man-made chemical concoctions are met by God-given natural ingredients like coconut oil.

Thank you for the heads up! Appreciate it!