Natural Wart Removal: How Coconut Oil Causes Warts to Fall Off

Natural wart removal? Watch how coconut oil safely works its way through warts and other skin blemishes.

Apply coconut oil frequently on affected areas and it will cut a wart (verruca) off like a hot knife through butter.

Coconut oil contains the most bountiful natural source of a rare type of fatty acids called Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).

Almost all other fats and oils consist of Long Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) and contain “zero” MCFAs, the stuff that gives coconut oil its astonishing health attributes.

How to Shed Warts Using Coconut Oil

Massage coconut oil deep into the wart. The deeper the penetration, the faster it will fall off. MCFAs will dissolve the wart’s attachment to your skin.

For maximum effect, make sure the oil is very warm, not just lukewarm. Moderately hot oil penetrates skin deeper and is absorbed more efficiently. Not all warts are the same, though.

Some warts can be uprooted by simply rubbing coconut oil into them several times daily. But a good number of these skin growths tend to be impenetrably hard, keeping the oil from easily entering and attacking the real problem.

Thanks to the small molecular size of MCFAs, all coconut oil needs is just a small opening. Open up the wart by roughing up its surface with an emery board or simply peel off some of the dry, hard skin. Don’t forget to apply hydrogen peroxide and let it dry.

Apply the oil up to ten times every day or use a coconut oil bandage until the skin heals and the wart falls off before your very eyes.

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