Mole Be Gone!

by MS Girl
(Hernando, MS)

I had a mole on my side for years. It appeared to start to change so I put a little coconut oil on it morning and night, and within one month my mole was gone. Completely gone! No trace of the mole is left at all. It’s been about 5 months now and no sign of it returning!

I always hear of the skin benefits of coconut oil, but I found this to be amazing. Very impressive to me! Coconut oil is awesome!

Hi MS Girl,

I had a mole on my left knee cap and it, too, disappeared with regular application of coconut oil. Even warts can vanish when coconut oil is applied multiple times daily.

The thing with warts is it can be very hard on the surface, making it impenetrable. In that case, just rough up its surface with an emery board or peel off some of the dry, hard skin to open it up. Apply some hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. Massage coconut oil deep into skin, making sure the oil is warm for maximum penetration.

Apply the oil up to 8 times per day, even more if you like. Continue until the skin heals and the wart vanishes.