Mixing Coconut Oil and Olive Oil for a Night-Time Moisturizer

by Peggy
(Ormond Beach, FL)

I have heard of the many benefits of using coconut oil and olive oil together, rubbed into the facial and neck areas before bed. How does one do this? Can you mix more than what is needed for one application and save the rest? Which oil should be applied first if you don’t mix them? Thanks to anyone who can help me!

Hi Peggy,

Some people do combine coconut oil and olive oil for their daily skin care regimen. They have reported beautiful results.

Yes, you can mix a batch for later use. I would suggest that you mix 2 parts coconut oil and 1 part olive oil. Why? Because 91 percent UNsaturated olive oil is highly vulnerable to peroxidation (oxidative process that occurs in fats). In contrast, 92 percent saturated coconut oil is very stable, and can protect other fats from oxidation.

It would also be best to save the mixture in a dark, glass container. This will further protect the olive oil from premature decomposition brought about by light and heat.

If you decide to apply them separately, I suggest you start with coconut oil as it is easily absorbed by your skin.

All the best,