Melting Coconut Oil

by Anonymous

Can I melt the whole jar of coconut oil, pour off what I need and let the rest re-set, without any harm or change to the oil?


Absolutely! The change of coconut oil from liquid to solid and vice versa is normal. Butter does the same thing. Coconut oil solidifies and becomes cloudy below 24 degrees C (76 F), but will not affect its quality.

Instead of melting the whole jar, you can also scoop out the desired amount only and then melt it. This works for others.

When melting the oil, you’re better off not using a microwave oven. Microwaving damages nutrients, making them virtually useless.

Simply immerse the container in hot water for a few minutes and the oil should already be liquefied. Coconut oil melts rather quickly.

All the best,