Male Pattern Baldness

by Hablu
(California, USA)

Is it possible to cure baldness with coconut oil?

Hi Hablu,

Unfortunately, no. The sad truth up to this point is that there is no cure for baldness. There’s promising research ongoing at UCLA wherein they were able to grow back full heads of hair in just three months, “on mice.” But it remains to be seen if the treatment is also effective in humans.

Coconut oil can delay baldness. That I am sure of! Because I am experiencing it myself.

Prior to using coconut oil, my hairline has been receding quite rapidly and my hair up top is getting thinner and thinner and thinner. My scalp was really becoming very visible.

After a couple of months or so of massaging generous amounts of coconut oil on my hair and scalp, I began to notice tiny hair growing on my hairline, and my hair up top got thicker to the point that my scalp is no longer visible.

Currently, my scalp is still no longer showing and my hairline has been practically the same as two years ago. I really believe that if not for coconut oil, my hairline would have continued receding and you know what.

Hope this helps,