Lose Weight with Coconut Oil, The Fat that Makes You Thin

Lose weight with coconut oil, the Pro-Energy fat. Unlike other fats that tend to accumulate in your body, coconut oil is mainly used to produce energy.

Almost all the fats you consume (plant- or animal-based) are composed mostly, if not entirely, of long-chain triglycerides (LCT). Soybean, corn, olive and canola oils are all LCT-oils.

Compared to LCTs, healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) abundantly found in coconut oil (around 67 percent) are rare. LCTs and MCTs are very unlike each other. As you’ll see, their absorption, transport, metabolism and uses are radically different.

When you eat LCT oils, they move through your stomach and are released into your intestines to be digested by digestive enzymes and bile. Individual fatty acids are then absorbed into the intestinal wall where they are bundled into lipoproteins.

These lipoproteins are carried into your bloodstream to circulate your entire body. As they move around, tiny particles of fat are unleashed. THIS is the origin of the fat that accumulates in your fat cells and THIS is the origin of the fat that accumulates in and blocks artery walls.

The process is very different when you eat MCT-rich coconut oil because it doesn’t need digestive enzymes or bile to be digested. Coconut oil digests so easily that by the time it leaves your stomach, it is already completely broken down into individual fatty acids.

As coconut oil enters your intestines, it is sent straight to your liver to be used as a source of fuel to produce energy, not body fat. Coconut oil bypasses the lipoprotein phase that LCT-oils have to go through, and does not circulate in your bloodstream to such extent.

MCT-loaded coconut oil is used to generate energy, not body fat. Coconut oil is the fat that helps make you thin.


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