Liver Detox Before Coconut Oil Detox?

by Jennifer
(Regina SK, CA)

Do you have to do a liver detox before you start the coconut oil detox?

Hi Jennifer,

Actually, the coconut oil detox already benefits your liver big time. Of all the organs in the body, your liver probably benefits the most from coconut oil.

By reducing free-radical destruction and disease-causing microbes, coconut oil helps relieve the stress on your liver. It gives your liver a much needed break, decreasing its workload, supplying it with required energy, etc.

But in a world full of toxins (in the food we eat, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, etc.), doing more than one type of detoxification can only be a good thing.

While you don’t have to do a separate liver detox first before going through a coconut oil detox, it certainly won’t hurt at all. As long as you’re not detoxifying on a weak body (never fast with a weak body), I see no problem with that.

All the best,