Keeping at Right Temp

by Walt
(Peoria, AZ)

If I leave the coconut oil container out at room temperature it becomes partly liquid and partly soft solid. If I put it in the refrigerator it gets hard and I can’t get spoonfuls.

Hi Walt,

Coconut oil has a high melting point of 76 degrees F (24 C). It turns from a clear liquid into a hard, white solid at temperatures below 76 F. This is normal and doesn’t change the quality of the oil. It behaves kind of like butter…

Actually, some prefer their coconut oil hard so that they can just scoop it out of the container. They don’t have to worry about the oil spilling or something like that…

If you like it in liquid form, coconut oil melts rather easily. All you have to do is place the container in hot water and the oil should liquefy in no time.

All the best,