Is Sixteen Ounces of Coconut a Week in Any Way Dangerous?

by Tom
(Ventura, CA)

Is sixteen ounces of coconut a week in any way dangerous?

Hi Tom,

Do you mean sixteen ounces of coconut oil or coconut meat? 16 oz. of coconut meat is in no way dangerous at all. It’s actually very good! 16 oz. of coconut oil could be different, depending on different people’s tolerances.

For people who have been taking coconut oil for many years, I would say it’s safe. Though it makes me wonder why one would want to consume 16 oz. of coconut oil a week. Unless of course it’s for therapeutic purposes where large doses is the way to go.

Beginners might want to take it slow at first, as any kind of dietary oil when initially taken in large amounts can loosen bowel movements.

In all my years of researching coconut oil, I haven’t encountered a study that puts a limit on how much coconut oil can be consumed safely. Of course, I’m not saying it’s absolutely safe to ingest “gallons” of coconut oil per week. Well, you know what I mean, right…?