Is 100% Pure Coconut Oil the Same Thing as Virgin Coconut Oil?

by Ceilidh

The only coconut oil I have says, “100% pure coconut oil.” I was wondering if it is the same thing as virgin coconut oil, because I heard that virgin coconut oil is better for your hair.

Hi Ceilidh,

Some manufacturers use the term “pure” instead of “virgin” to label their all-natural coconut oil product. Chances are, “100% PURE coconut oil” is synonymous to “100% VIRGIN coconut oil.”

As long as it smells and tastes like fresh coconuts, and is water white in color when in liquid form, the coconut oil product should be good quality.

If you’re not familiar with the aroma and flavor of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), I suggest you try another brand or two, this time one that says “virgin coconut oil,” so that you can compare and know the difference.

All the best,