If Your Hair is Dry and Lifeless, Try Coconut Oil; It Truly is Wonderful!

by Michelle
(Ohio, U.S.A.)

I had heard in the past that coconut oil was good for the hair, but never went out of my way to find it.

At the grocery store the other day I was looking for “another conditioner” to control my unruly hair (probably another new pricey one that claims to work miracles on dry, brittle hair), and on the shelf I saw coconut oil, and remembered what I had heard a couple years ago, and bought it.

I am so happy this is the BEST hair treatment that I have ever used, and I have tried way too many products in my lifetime, let me tell you. I have tried olive oil in the past, too, and that is no comparison.

Hi Michelle,

Before coconut oil became central in my life, I put it off several times even though it was already within my effortless reach each and every time I went to the supermarket.

I sure am glad I finally picked up that first jar of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) back in 2007. It was the beginning of my wonderful coconut oil journey!

All the best,