I Will Use Coconut Oil Until the Day I Die

by Dean

I had so much acne on my back it looked like a mine field. Now the acne is gone and I had that problem for over 12 years! It would hurt to drive sometimes as the acne was “too many” and they hurt.

I originally had mono and was goofing off on the Internet typing in mono cure and the 3rd link came to a website where everyone was talking about coconut oil. And I said, wait a mint there is a cure? I ate the oil and I got better in 2 weeks! Normally it takes 6 months on your own.

Then on my skin it fixes my extremely oily skin problem. And my hair on my head will not fall out in the shower like it normally does. My knees don’t pop so harsh anymore also! It works as a deodorant (best I have used too!).

I personally will not use soap or shampoo in the shower. I use just the coconut oil and water. Works great! It’s safe on every body part. I’m obsessed with the stuff. I use it as a butter replacement in food/cooking! It won’t cure my dad’s Parkinson’s but it does help with his elliptic moments (10-15 seconds vs 10-15 minutes)! His dementia is better after he eats it also!

Oh and I have also lost weight while eating it and I was never the kind of guy who would lose weight unless extremely sick and from not eating (210 lbs now at 164 lbs). I tell my friends about the oil and they say from arthritis pain gone to dandruff under control it works! Yes it works on my dandruff too (I had extreme dandruff also!) to keep it under

control. It would get so bad I would shave my head and then pick it all off with my nails under the shower. Now the coconut oil keeps it at bay!

Oh I used to have extremely oily hair too and that is now resolved with the oil! In the movies if Indiana Jones was looking for the fountain of youth he would find a chest and in it would be a jar of coconut oil! I’m not kidding! 🙂 While Indiana Jones keeps on looking I’ll say, sorry Indy I found it first!

Plus, there was this golf ball-sized zit in my butt I had for years. Guess what the coconut oil did? Yep, it’s gone after 3 months! Plus, it got rid of my ringworm too! Oh and I put the stuff on toilet paper and guess what that does? No more UTI infections (usually)! If you have a UTI infection you can eat pineapple to cure it, if the coconut oil doesn’t help.

Oh and I also used to get very dizzy when I would stand up and that’s a lot better, almost gone also! Also my IBS is gone too! From massive amounts of pain to “gone!” Holy smokes! I’m a whole new man! Oh and headaches? I don’t seem to get those anymore either! 🙂 Oh and on my gums? They don’t bleed if I use the oil, it fixes that also! Put oil in mouth, put floss in oil and use to best of ability. Floss is hard to grip as it’s oily.

So there you have it, from Mr. Frankenstein to “Mr. Healthy.” I’ll use this stuff till the day I die! My advice? Tell others to get the word out!