I Can’t Stop Saying, “WOW!”

by Zoletta

My 85 year old aunt has Alzheimer’s Disease, and has recently become bedridden. After less than one week, her thin elderly skin was breaking down, and bed sores began to appear within the diapered area of her backside, and the heels of her feet.

I told the hospice nurses to use coconut oil instead of harsh medicated creams, and we saw amazing results just overnight! Within three days her skin closed up and healed beautifully. The damaged skin is peeling off like a sunburn, leaving brand new skin underneath! This is something I was told wouldn’t even be possible, because of her seriously failing metabolic condition.

I have been using coconut oil for years, and have watched it heal a deep infected cat scratch on my palm, a fire-red skin rash on my cousin’s chest, an allergic reaction on my dog’s belly from a new dog food, and to this date it has not failed me once. Tastes good, too!