by Neil M

I read a report a while ago that said ONLY use coconut oil that is, and not sure which, hydrogenated or non-hydrogenated. Please advise.

Where would I buy coconut oil to use as a spread or simply take orally from the jar/container? What exactly am I looking for?


Hi Neil,

Only use non-hydrogenated coconut oil. Never use any hydrogenated oil (soybean oil, corn oil, etc.). All hydrogenated oils contain trans fatty acids or “trans fats” that promote heart disease.

The fastest way to get your coconut oil, if you have access, is to visit your nearest health food store. Any respectable health food store should carry a respectable line of natural or Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) products. If you don’t have access, you should be able to get one online. There is no shortage of good-quality virgin coconut oil online.

Look for one that says, Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO.

All the best,