How Long For First-Timers?

by Daniel
(Tijuana, Mexico)

I am now seriously considering putting myself on a coconut oil detoxification program. What do you think is the best way to start in terms of duration?

Hi Daniel,

It depends. First of all, no one should do any kind of detoxification or fasting on a weak body!

If you have a relatively weak body, you should do the Coconut Oil Detox (COD) no longer than 3 days. But even at just 3 days, you should first build up your body’s nutritional reserves. This is very important!

After maybe a couple or so 3-day CODs, preferably more, you can now do it for 7 days. For your first 7-day COD, it’s best if you have the assistance of someone knowledgeable in fasting, just to be safe.

3-day fasts are easier to complete but 7-day fasts and longer, though harder, are much more effective.

Start with the 3-day Coconut Oil Detox to be on the safe side. Observe your body’s reaction. That should give you a good indicator as to how long your body can go on any detoxification program. Hope this helps.

All the best,