How Else Can You Take Coconut Oil With Equal Benefit?

by Nylle Sirrom
(Oregon, USA).

So apart from eating coconut oil by the spoonful, are the benefits really the same if you just rub it on like lotion? Are the benefits equally the same it you melt it on a piece of toast?

Hi Nylle,

The health benefits are the same whether you use coconut oil internally or externally. The difference is how fast it will take effect depending on the situation.

For skin problems, it’s best to use coconut oil topically (external). The effect is virtually instantaneous and recovery is significantly quicker.

If the problem is systemic (internal), taking it by the spoonful or using it in your food/drink preparation is considerably more efficient. It takes some time for the coconut oil to completely penetrate your skin and end up in your bloodstream.

Hope this helps,