How Do I Make or Buy Coconut Oil Soap?

by Claira
(Nashua, NH 03060)

So, what do I do? Do I add the oil to my liquid soap that I use in the shower, or is there a recipe to make some myself? Can I buy it already made?

I’m confused on this, can someone help answer my questions?

Claira D

Hi Claira,

I don’t recommend adding coconut oil to the liquid soap you use. And although you can make your own coconut oil soap at the comfort of your home, it’s much simpler and easier to purchase it online. Why online? Because there are many so called “coconut oil-based” soaps out in the market, but in reality, contain very little coconut oil (if any at all) and so much more harmful chemicals.

What I do recommend is that you get your coconut oil soap from Tropical Traditions. The link to the web page where you can buy their liquid and bar soaps is right below.

High Quality Coconut Oil Soaps

I have been following this company for years and have good reason to believe that their soaps are free from damaging ingredients.

Hope this helps,