Home Remedy for Burns: Soothe the Pain and Heal Rapidly with Coconut Oil

For most skin burn injuries, a home remedy for burns will suffice. Especially if that home remedy is coconut oil.

When it comes to healing and repair, inside or outside the body, no other oil can exceed the magnificence of the one and only coconut oil.

Only coconut oil is up to almost 70 percentMedium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), a rare kind of saturated fat molecules that speed uphealing of all types of injuries.

For minor burns, quickly put on something cold to the injury for about 10 minutes. Then gently apply a layer of coconut oil, reapplying it every hour until the pain is gone.

If the burn is more serious, use a coconut oil bandage to ensure “relentless” therapeutic action. Anything worse, please see a health care professional.

MCFA-loaded coconut oil, applied immediately to a burn, will often remedy it withno scarring at all. The recovery process is hastened because unlike other fatty acids, MCFAS have the ability to stimulate metabolism.

Since your metabolism manages cellular process, a higher metabolic rate translates to accelerated cellular activities, including recuperation from injuries such as burns, wounds, cuts, etc.

As a result, rebuilding injured tissues and replacing damaged or diseased cells with healthy new ones are done at a “faster” rate of activity. Just remember that for large or deep burns, you have to consult a healthcare professional for treatment.

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