Help for Inflammation and Joint Pain?

by Pat

Will coconut oil relieve inflammation and joint pain?

Hi Pat,

Yes, coconut will help relieve inflammation and joint pain. For years, I have been reading about the many health benefits of coconut oil. One thing I’ve noticed is…

Inflammation and all types of aches and pains including joint pain such as arthritis all seem to lessen, if not disappear, when people start using coconut oil regularly. The exact reason for this may not be clear yet, but I’m sure it has something to do with energizing the cells.

Like glucose, coconut oil is a quick source of food for your cells, even better, actually. Why? Because unlike glucose, coconut oil does not require insulin to be able to nourish each and every cell that make up your body. That’s great, especially for diabetics! And there is evidence suggesting coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory effect.

All the best,